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The accelerator for ambitious tech startups

Our mission

WILCO takes Tech startups to their first million in annual turnover with a dedicated 3-year acceleration program.

From scratch to €1 million in annual revenue  in 3 steps


Structure your business

Structure your business


Finance your takeoff

Finance your takeoff


Accelerate your growth

Accelerate your growth

We offer 16 themed accelerator programs tailored to your specific needs.

new startups each year
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loaned each year
themed programs
Midcaps & large groups
serial entrepreneurs & mentors

Meet our startup alumni


Our alumni share their experiences

Benoit Varin
Secretary General and Co-Founder
Working with WILCO pushed us to question our ambitions and, above all, to embrace being ambitious. The WILCO mentors provided excellent advice to refine our business model and position us as a smartphone circular economy pioneer in 2009. This support helped us quickly win our first clients and standardize our offering, enabling us to achieve €5M in revenue in just 2 years. WILCO embodies an open operational culture with a committed network that develops meaningful collective projects.

Our alumni share their experiences

Sébastien Bequart
Co-Founder & CEO
WILCO contributed powerfully to the growth of Gymlib in many ways. First, by giving us access to non-dilutive funding. And then, in the early stage, it was really helpful to be supported by people with experience and expertise to minimize the risk of making mistakes.

Our alumni share their experiences

Dimitri Farber
WILCO helped us accelerate our growth at a crucial moment for Tiller, which enabled us to save time and gain experience in key operational and strategic challenges. WILCO is a great growth driver for any (young) startup looking to develop.

Our alumni share their experiences

Jean-Gabriel Levon
Vice-President & Co-founder
WILCO gave us a massive boost when starting out, allowing us to increase our initial investment as founders 5-fold. The team has a great instinct for projects, even when they only exist on a few slides and in the vision of a small team. Thank you, WILCO.

1 acceleration method with proven results & support from 20+ expert partners

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of startups reach or exceed their 1st €M in 3 years
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How to ACCELERATE your startup in 3 steps

01 - Start Sessions

Themed bootcamps 

Take part in 6 days of bootcamp training led run by industry experts to focus on driving growth

Coaching 1:1

Get 8 days of individual coaching with a startup manager and mentor to challenge and structure your business plan. 

2 - Loan Sessions

Access zero-interest non-dilutive financing up to €150k.

03 - Up Sessions

Accelerate your growth with 4 development levers  

HR growth

Corporate Mentoring
Unlock operational secrets with an HR collaborator from a midcap or large group

Droptalents Newsletter
Access the best candidate profiles to speed up recruitment

Structure your Startup course
Build the best teams to drive growth

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Fundraising coaching
Test your business plans with VCs, entrepreneur-mentors and financing specialists

Roadshow Kickoff
Launch your roadshow with a showcase in the monthly newsletter we send to our VC community to

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Business Development

Reverse Pitch
Discuss innovation challenges with midcaps and large groups

Startup Showcase 
Pitch to managers from midcaps and large groups during themed events

Develop your Startup Path
Accelerate your business development to reach your first million

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Communication & Marketing

Get the word out
Share the success of your startup viaWILCO’s communication channels – newsletters, social media, etc.

Promote your Startup course
Activate unique communication tools and growth marketing to maximize your performance

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2 support programs*
6 months of 360° individualized guidance to launch your execution strategy

COMET : 12 months of support from a mentor with strategic boards to guide your growth

*Optional programs are not covered by your WILCO signup fees

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16 themed programs to take you closer to your 1st million in revenue