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Midcaps & large groups

Accelerating your transformation

Our mission

To help midcaps & large groups overcome their innovation and transformation challenges

Accelerate your innovation strategy with targeted services and support.

- Develop new tech and business opportunities

Preparing for the future and discovering new sector trends means adopting an active approach to technological intelligence. How? By reaching out to startups to identify those innovations with the most potential to transform your industry.

Connecting to new technologies allows you to be on the cutting edge, continually optimizing your products and services and creating strategic synergies to enrich your offerings.

Boost your efficiency and accelerate your transformation

Today, every large corporation and company faces the challenge of transforming their business. How to succeed? By creating trusting and exclusive relationships with the most innovative startups in your sector to meet new innovation challenges together. By staying one step ahead to develop unique solutions to accelerate your growth. And by adopting an open-innovation approach to making your teams more efficient on the ground.

Involve your teams in your transformation

As the stakes for business transformations grow, the digitalization of job roles continues to accelerate. To meet the challenge, your teams need to stay on top of new applications and constantly learn new skills. This means embracing the startup mindsetto inspire them and provide the tools they need to be agile. This also means taking them to the heart of your ecosystem to decode the latest trends and meet the best startups for themselves.

Looking for a partner to help drive your transformation?

+40 midcaps & large groups have already teamed up with WILCO


A few words from our partners

Head of Innovation

WILCO is great at targeting startups for us. During their Pitch Days, many new business partnerships are formed. Over the last 3 years, the average conversion rate has been 63%.


A few words from our partners

Head of R&D and Innovation
WILCO is a key partner in our open innovation strategy, which aims to generate immediate operational benefits while introducing a spirit of innovation across numerous departments. The events organized by WILCO are a very effective way to bring together our operational teams and startups. These events have flourished in recent months thanks to consistent experimentation. WILCO is a powerful accelerator in our innovation strategy.

A few words from our partners

Bernard Lledos
Managing Director, Accelair
Air Liquide has partnered with WILCO for several years now, a relationship that was reinforced when ACCELAIR implemented Deep Tech, our startup accelerator. ACCELAIR helps WILCO analyze startups during the selection phase to identify and source the most compatible candidates. Of all the events organized by WILCO, the “Reverse Pitch” helped us identify 3 interesting startups. These discussions could lead to the implementation of concept proofs to test the technologies developed, a new tool to support Air Liquide’s open innovation strategy.

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