What is the WILCO entrepreneur loan?

The entrepreneur loan is an interest-free personal loan:

  • 0% interest5-year repayment plan
  • 1-year grace period
  • No personal guarantee


What is the loan amount?

The loan amount is capped at:

  • €50,000 per entrepreneur
  • €120,000 per startup


How can I benefit from an entrepreneur loan?

To receive an entrepreneur loan, a startup first needs to apply and be selected for one of WILCO’s 5 industry-specific accelerators (calls for applications are made twice a year for each accelerator).
Once selected, every startup benefits from collective and individual support services to structure and scale its business.

After 3 to 6 months, a jury evaluates the startup’s business plan and decides to grant funding or not.


Who can benefit from an entrepreneur loan?

Up to 4 startup members can benefit from an entrepreneur loan if they have an active role at the company and hold, personally and directly, at least 5% of its equity.

Entrepreneurs who already benefit from another entrepreneur loan for the same startup: please note that the two loans might not be cumulative. Please check your eligibility by contacting a WILCO account manager (contact@wilco-startup.com).


What can the entrepreneur loan be used for?

The money must be invested into the company and benefits the startup in multiple ways:

  • Increase the owner’s Equity without dilution
  • Improve the startup‘s working capital
  • Facilitate access for a bank loan or other funding sources
  • Cover investment and/or operational expenses


How do I put the loan amount into my business?

Upon signing the loan contract, the entrepreneur commits to putting the funds into his/her business following one of the following 3 options:

  • Put the money in owners equity
  • Put the money into owners current account
  • Put the money into owners escrow account

If the money is out into a current account, the borrower may later decide to convert the money in owners equity.


Who must repay the entrepreneur loan?

Each loan is repaid by the physical person who received it, following the repayment received upon signature of the contract.


Why provide personal loans rather than corporate ones?

WILCO’s goal is to help entrepreneurs strengthen and grow their startups. With personal loans, Wilco allows owners to inject critical funding into their own startups with no equity dilution.

This helps entrepreneurs get access to other non-dilutive funding from organizations such as BpiFrance and Paris Region Council that lend more money to startups with higher amounts of owners equity.