Each startup accelerated receives industry-specific business development support for 3 years:

  • Participate to business development events
  • Access a network of 100+ business developers
  • Receive 3 to 60 days of business development support services (co-financed by WILCO)


Each accelerator also offers multiple business development tracks built for different development stages :

  • For startups with current annual revenue under €100K:

WILCO’s “First Steps” track supports you in your journey to your first €100K in revenue.

  • For startups with current annual revenue over €100K:

“Expert Leads”: get access to our network of experienced business developers, receive customized BD support services and connect with potential new customers.

“A foot in the door”: get privileged access to corporate decision makers with specific issues that your startup can help address.

You’d like to become one of WILCO’s business developer to help our start-up to grow ? Apply here

“Objective One”: 12 startups are selected each year by a jury of mentor entrepreneurs to access the Premium Bus Dev package: 60 days of Bus Dev support services delivered by experienced business developers, co-financed by WILCO (50% of the cost).